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Who hasn’t noticed the beauty all around us these days – in our yards, along the boulevards, in the parks – the blossoming trees, the colorful tulips, the lily of the valley.

Oh – and yes – of course, let’s not forget the dandelion , sturdy and sunny and cheerful – fields of them, (more than ever it seems) welcoming bees and butterflies – and children of all ages. But, alas, these childhood friends dwelling in our yards are mostly briefly admired- as the grass begs to be cut – (have you noticed how green!) and the mower does its dutiful job.

Maybe it’s just me – but have you observed- it also seems that the birds are tweeting more, the bunny population in our neighborhood has exploded, and the young squirrels couldn’t be more entertaining in their frolicking, climbing, and chasing of each other.

And – also in this particular year, I believe most of us are so much more grateful than ever, perhaps brighter than ever, more blossoming than ever ourselves, for those who have been fully vaccinated are now being reunited in person with relatives and friends .

“Reunited – and it feels so good!”

Ah Spring 2021!


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Take five

So many times parents tell me the most challenging, chaotic times between themselves and their children, between siblings and each other is after dinner – before bath, before bedtime.

All havoc can often break through – high intensity, arguments, hitting, whining, out-of- control behavior – sizzling – ready to erupt.

It just seems, even if dinnertime went fine – hold on to your hats for the post-dinner/pre-bedtime “half-time show”!

Experts talk about the build-up of the stresses of the day – from separation, over-stimulation, upsets, insecurities, need to reconnect , to settle.

And more and more these same experts recognize and advise 5 minutes (or more if you’re up to it) consistently each evening of plain ol’ roughhousing, chasing, capturing/escaping, surprising, screeching, and laughing till you actually can feel the stresses of the day escaping evaporating – into the joy of the moment.

I think you get what I mean, right?

Sometimes moments like these happen spontaneously -( like when a throw pillow accidentally lands on the floor – and then proceeds to live up to its name?).

But actually – being intentional about this time each day goes a long way towards retaining a consistent re-connect, an interactive and emotional exchange and discharge.

The thing is – it’s 5 minutes – it’s inside “capture and release”it’s batting a balloon around the room, it’s rough housing – and now that outside after-dinner play is extended – playing Tag in the yard never grows old.

So – try it – even if your children seem to be doing okay. Do it because it says “you’re fun to play with, to laugh with, to connect with”.

5 minutes a day – and if you have multiple children – the good thing is – this takes care of the whole bunch at once – perfect family playtime.

Forgive me please if I’m repeating myself – if you’ve heard me say this more than once – but valuable tips for making emotional connections with your children lend themselves to repeating.

Am I right?

Take five – have fun! Melt those stressors away!

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