Take five

So many times parents tell me the most challenging, chaotic times between themselves and their children, between siblings and each other is after dinner – before bath, before bedtime.

All havoc can often break through – high intensity, arguments, hitting, whining, out-of- control behavior – sizzling – ready to erupt.

It just seems, even if dinnertime went fine – hold on to your hats for the post-dinner/pre-bedtime “half-time show”!

Experts talk about the build-up of the stresses of the day – from separation, over-stimulation, upsets, insecurities, need to reconnect , to settle.

And more and more these same experts recognize and advise 5 minutes (or more if you’re up to it) consistently each evening of plain ol’ roughhousing, chasing, capturing/escaping, surprising, screeching, and laughing till you actually can feel the stresses of the day escaping evaporating – into the joy of the moment.

I think you get what I mean, right?

Sometimes moments like these happen spontaneously -( like when a throw pillow accidentally lands on the floor – and then proceeds to live up to its name?).

But actually – being intentional about this time each day goes a long way towards retaining a consistent re-connect, an interactive and emotional exchange and discharge.

The thing is – it’s 5 minutes – it’s inside “capture and release”it’s batting a balloon around the room, it’s rough housing – and now that outside after-dinner play is extended – playing Tag in the yard never grows old.

So – try it – even if your children seem to be doing okay. Do it because it says “you’re fun to play with, to laugh with, to connect with”.

5 minutes a day – and if you have multiple children – the good thing is – this takes care of the whole bunch at once – perfect family playtime.

Forgive me please if I’m repeating myself – if you’ve heard me say this more than once – but valuable tips for making emotional connections with your children lend themselves to repeating.

Am I right?

Take five – have fun! Melt those stressors away!

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