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Who hasn’t noticed the beauty all around us these days – in our yards, along the boulevards, in the parks – the blossoming trees, the colorful tulips, the lily of the valley.

Oh – and yes – of course, let’s not forget the dandelion , sturdy and sunny and cheerful – fields of them, (more than ever it seems) welcoming bees and butterflies – and children of all ages. But, alas, these childhood friends dwelling in our yards are mostly briefly admired- as the grass begs to be cut – (have you noticed how green!) and the mower does its dutiful job.

Maybe it’s just me – but have you observed- it also seems that the birds are tweeting more, the bunny population in our neighborhood has exploded, and the young squirrels couldn’t be more entertaining in their frolicking, climbing, and chasing of each other.

And – also in this particular year, I believe most of us are so much more grateful than ever, perhaps brighter than ever, more blossoming than ever ourselves, for those who have been fully vaccinated are now being reunited in person with relatives and friends .

“Reunited – and it feels so good!”

Ah Spring 2021!


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