What time is it? How many times a day do we check the time, figure out how much time we have – to finish up a project, to leave for an appointment, before the kids come home.

And like most of us, we often view a digital model – on our phones, computers and even our clocks – that gives us the exact time we’re looking for – say, 11:05 AM – and that does the trick!

Unless you’re like me. I mean – I value the efficiency and the accuracy that the digital clock provides to us – but, honestly, I need something more.

I really appreciate the analog clock/watch – that has moving hands on its face, marking the hours throughout the day.

There’s something so satisfying to me to look at a clock face – so familiar, looking right back at me – and more than just knowing the exact time, I also get to “feel” the exact time – to “sense” how much time I have ahead of me, before I need to leave, or get ready, or begin dinner, or go to my meeting.

I know – might seem somewhat weird and probably old-fashioned – but what can I say.

Time goes fast enough as it is – and even though I understand full- well that 12:15 PM means the same on a digital as it does on my happy face clock – – to me – at least -I like the way it seems to assure me – confront me – in full sight – the minutes that lie ahead . Minutes that provide me choices//opportunities to use them wisely, weigh my options – perhaps notice there’s enough time still to kick back for 15 minutes and take a break.

Like – right now – hmmm – I think it’s time for lunch – (and I actually know that – without even looking at any clock!) But telling time by your stomach -well, that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Wishing all of you many happy “times”!

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