Birthday – we say it so casually – and often – in our everyday speech that it’s only when you actually really look at the written word when you say it that you get the full impact.

The full impact being – it’s the day of your birth – a pretty significant day – don’t you think – as days go.

And, of course, by my age we’re always glad to have them – birthdays I mean – am I right? And for years doing Friday Play Shoppes at The Parenting Place – in person, by the way – I always gave myself a party for my birthday- that’s right – gave myself a party during Play Shoppe – decorations and balloons and treats!

And I did that because it’s children who know the real joy in celebrating birthdays.

Our youngest grandson has one coming up also – his is on this weekend. Excitement will be high, I’m sure. Cupcakes and balloons was his simple request. (This kid knows what’s important!)

And I believe – whether you’re turning four or – well, let’s just say – older than four – birthdays are a very special day – a day to celebrate -the day of your birth.

So Happy Birthday to both me and Zeke!

You can’t help but smile about that!

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