blooming and blossoming

June is bursting out all over!

When it’s not a beautiful new-fallen snow in December – then I think – what can be more beautiful than a June day in La Crosse with blooming and blossoming everywhere you look.

And I think this year appreciation and gratitude runs exceptionally high – since we are all feeling safer, braver, more thankful that we are able to be with family and friends – breathing in the freshness that surrounds us – outside – without a mask!

Down at Riverside Park this past weekend proves this point! There were so many out and about taking in and enjoying the sunshine, the river – graduates, brides, children and babies, couples, families, dogs, and senior citizens – (and don’t forget the ducks!)

But now we know, right? – how much we missed it and how new and precious it can all seem again.

So on this first day of June – I wish all of you to enjoy – to breathe in the gifts that abound – and look for ways to keep that awareness fresh and evident in our lives – with our families and our neighbors and ourselves.

Blooming and blossoming?

Yes – for sure!

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