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It’s really hot – and you don’t need anyone to tell you the exact high temperature to know that.

And when it is this hot, tempers can be short, children can be whiny, and energy low.

This is the time to slow way down – really way down – and with young children around – to me the magic word is water!!

Water play is simple – water play is magical – water play is cooling and fun and easy! Just find the shadiest spot you have in your yard – some real stuff like pots, pans, unbreakable containers and a wading pool or a bucket of water, The children will take it from there – if you let them – and yes, of course you will!


And why not also be ready for a “let’s read a bit break time” – a few books – and a popsicle later – and the day goes pretty smoothly.

For there is something about accepting an unhurried lazy day, a really hot summer day -letting the day just unwind,- the peacefulness of water play – the appreciation of some shade, the coziness of reading time together – a “look at the clouds” kind of day – and – who knows – perhaps, becoming the “coolest” day of your summer.

Embrace it!

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