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Hold them

Watching the national news this morning, once again I heard the reports of a school shooting announced.  Whether it’s geographically close to us or across the country, when an incident like this occurs, we all feel the fear and the pain.

I can only imagine the emotions that these students and parents are experiencing.  I watched the stressful faces on the parents as they stood in line waiting for their children to be released, and then as they hurried to their cars and the safety of their homes, parents hanging on to their children, patting their backs, grateful and relieved.

As one emotional father, waiting in line for his children said, “I won’t be able to calm down until I get to hold them.”

And that’s the key work – hold them.

We can’t be with our children every minute – especially as they grow older, but we can hold them in our hearts and minds, be present for them, listen to them, connect with them, let them know we love them and we are there for them.

Every day.

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